“The Going Things.” Southern Humanities Review. Forthcoming.

“2100.” Reprinted in Amid the Roar: A Towson Alumni Anthology. Patapsco Valley Press. 2015

“Gardening for Fuck Ups.” Meridian. Issue 33, 2014

“2100.” Gigantic Sequins. Issue 5.1, 2014 (Finalist for Flash Fiction Contest)

“Potomac.” Reprinted in Masters Review. Volume II, 2013

“Potomac.” Chicago Tribune‘s Printers Row Journal. Sept 2013 (Finalist for Nelson Algren Award in Short Fiction)

“Water Run Down.” Greensboro Review. (Fall) 2012

“Staring into the Dark.” TINGE Magazine. (Fall) 2012


  1. […] for Fuck-ups is a story by Andrew Payton in Meridian Issue 33 (which heavily features a brain on the cover). Is it also a self-help book […]

  2. […] Going Things” is a story that will soon be in Southern Humanities Review. Andrew Payton wrote this […]

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